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Bringing Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payments to Australian 
Business in Fremantle, Perth & Beyond
(Through education, community & collaboration)
  • 34 businesses in Fremantle and Perth accepting cryptocurrency payments (see below)
  • No transfer fees, no credit card fees, no  charge-back fees from fraudulent use (guaranteed for 12 months)
  • World-first putting Fremantle & Perth Western Australia on the global map as a crypto-friendly hub

Some challenges our merchants deal with...

"We spend a fortune each month on bank transfer fees, at least a couple of thousand... And it can take days for transactions to land in our account."

- Accommodation Business Partner

"When a customer uses a stolen credit card, we as the business firstly need to pay back the money received.  And we’ve lost our merchandise, and then have to go through claiming it on insurance.  It takes so much time and is a real pain... We're the ones who end up losing out in the end!"

- Retailer

"I hate banks, I’m happy to do what I can to avoid them in my business!"

- Café Owner

"With the gross downturn in retail, places are closing everywhere – we need help from our council and community to bring foot traffic back to Fremantle."

- Retailer

"We work crazy long hours, and often can't even pay ourselves a wage, let alone have time to learn about even basic marketing: we need to help."

- Hospitality Business Partner

“I think it's working.  There will be other cryptocurrencies like it that may be even better.  But in the meantime, there’s a big industry around Bitcoin.”

- Sir Richard Branson on​ Bitcoin

By choosing crypto payment options you'll get:

instant FUNDS 

in your account

Crypto-paying customers can do business with you, and the funds can be instantly received by you either in AUD (Australian $) or in cryptocurrencies as you wish.

MONEy Savings

No transfer fees, no credit card fees, no  charge-back fees from fraudulent credit card use.   A minimal fee may be charged to merchants after 12 month trial, but way less than current bank interest levels.

an innovative community

Become part of a thriving, growing  ecosystem of local & international crypto-savvy entrepreneurs (who are learning about cryptocurrency, just like you)

"I recently received a Bitcoin payment from a customer..."

"...and I'm really happy as it gives my business an innovative marketing edge - I don't know of any other interior designer who does this! Thanks so much Sophie and Abheeti for introducing me, a total noob, into this fascinating world!”

- Carissa Peche (Interior Designer - Carissa Peche Design)

"It's an exciting time to be in the market..."

"Thanks to 'WhereToShopWithCrypto', we at SoulReserve are all set to transact in cryptocurrency! It's an exciting time to be in the market and they've made the transition so simple and easy. Can't recommend them enough!"

- Lakshmi R. Kanchi (Tech Blogger & Content Strategist - SoulReserve)

businesses Accepting bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payments in Fremantle, PErth & beyond

THe norfolk


Great food, wine & beer, convenient & comfortable accommodation, and a live & original music venue in the heart of Fremantle.

An iconic Fremantle hotel, the Norfolk first opened as Oddfellows Hotel in 1887.



education. research. advisory. events. emerging technology

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Robotics and Digital Currencies will change the way businesses and individuals work and live.

TecStack strives to provide education, research and advisory services to organisations and industries on the impacts and opportunities that arise from these changes.

Quirky sophisticated Fremantle restaurant &
late night cocktail bar

Open for lunch, dinner and late night tapas and sleek  dining that allows a visit to our venue after the theatre, movies or watching one of the fabulous bands to showcase in the port city of Fremantle.


luxury charter yacht

Environmentally Conscious Adventure
Surf, fish, dive and leisure.
Customise your next ocean adventure

Pirate 88 Radio

fremantle, broome

community radio

Pirate 88 strives to be your local sound, broadcasting only local musicians and bands. We feature local artists. We also broadcast from as many local gigs as possible and do as much as we can to keep up with the local music scene.

fremantle markets

​shoes, handbags and beautiful things

Located in the historic Fremantle Markets with a great vibe & the perfect place for some relaxed shopping. There's also an extensive online shopping also range available.

Specialty coffee, wholesome food, pizza, beer on tap, good vibes...

Pear Tree was named after the old bakery which was in this shop front. It was called Pereira bakery which in Portuguese means Pear Tree.


empowerment begins with financial education

Helia Singh is a financial educator, finance coach and the Director of Assurance Finance & Business Solutions, with a passion for finance she's keen to share what she's learned over many years dealing with money and clients from all walks of life.

revive. restore. rebalance

Shiatsu Massage Perth is a private bodywork clinic specialising in using traditional Japanese massage to improve and support your health and wellbeing.


Commercial lawyer


Corporate and commercial law (providing company- and business-related documents and advice) and estate planning (preparing Wills and succession plans).

boutique kitchen & homeware

Locally owned, unique kitchen and homewares store in the heart of the Fremantle Shopping precinct.


programmer, photographer, INTJ. 

Kieran builds things.

Early Bitcoin developer, Kieran has been interested in programming since a very young age. He coded a Pikachu Tamagotchi clown towards the end of primary school. Then later joined the Cypherpunk mailing list and started reading about this ‘Bitcoin thing’ that was being discussed.

drones & robots

DJI drone sales and marketing. 
UAV pilot. 
Design, modification and repairs.


best youth hostel in Fremantle

Famous monthly ping pong tournament has been running for over 9 years! Free Netflix, free Wi-Fi.  Help travellers with Working Holiday Visas.  Vibrant community!

weddings, corporate, event & personal photography 

Compose Photography is a boutique photography studio with Kirsten Graham and Rebecca Johansson. With numerous awards for wedding and commercial photography, the most important part - seeing how happy their clients are with the imagery created! 


SEO: about making your website google-appealing

SEO is about making your website as appealing as possible to Google so that Google chooses to put it on the front page.

Also... my purpose is to help people unlock their hidden potential and show them that they possess the power to be confident, successful, and lead a joyful life.

Crypto-friendly accountants in Fremantle

At the forefront of taxation, business services and accountancy, providing clients with a broad range of services.


manifesting a prosperous future

Taking the stress out of your financials - trusted bookkeepers and business advisors

unique WA short-stay accommodation

SmartStayWA allows guests to search and compare local and unique short-stay accommodation across Western Australia.  

From heritage Fremantle cottages to luxury, harbour-view appartments, we'll help you find the short-stay accommodation that best suits YOU and your budget


innovate. improve. impact.


Unlock new ways of thinking, trust yourself deeper, make high quality connections with your ideal clients and learn to implement new sales and marketing strategies to get the sales and positive lasting change in your business and life.

online gaming

Gaming developer.


book keeping 


Our book keepers are all university-educated who've worked for major accounting firms.  We love the flexibility of working for ourselves and want to help you make the most of your time too. We specialise in Xero and MYOB, but also use Quickbooks, Saasu and Zoho Books. 

1 brand


communicate brilliantly

Creating and communicating business stories with brand and marketing solutions designed to get tongues wagging and phones buzzing.


tech content creation: blogs & writing

BI Expert & Business Analysts, Tech Bloggers & Content Strategists, Writers - Towards Data Science & Lean In Women In Tech

be well, love life

Experienced chiropractic studio incorporating other forms of treatments including bodywork and aromatherapy.

Contact 0417 712 707

belmont & bunbury

electrical solutions, designed and delivered

Offering solutions for all commercial, industrial, construction and mining works. We aim to achieve the best outcome with excellent customer care and competitive pricing.

Why Crypto? 

The Philosophical Benefits of Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments in Your Business

by Sophie Amat

"Cryptocurrencies are a solution to an historical greed motivation of centralised banking systems that has disregarded mum-and-dad & ‘everyday depositors’ at banks."

How so?

Cryptocurrencies are the response to broken trust in the banking sector (GFC 2008 & collapse of Lehman Brothers refers), created by the people, for the people without sovereign nor banking sector permission.

It’s an example of socio-economic self-determination at its best!

Who would have dreamt that less than 11 years ago, instantaneous, borderless, low-to-no-cost, peer-to-peer value payments, and the digital storage of value, would even be possible?

This is the first time in the history of post-industrial capitalist society that ordinary people are innovating the creation of currencies without sovereign state intervention.

This is the legacy of Bitcoin.  In accepting crypto payments in your business, you’re propagating a by-the-people empowered initiative that will only strengthen trust and encourage more to join this ecosystem!

Why should depositors continue to accept between 1-2% rates of return, pre-tax, from a banking sector that continues to make burgeoning multi-billion-dollar profits year after year, and cash-strap their customers to boot (by restricting customer access to their own cash...!)

Answer! They don’t have to.

Given one must sensibly manage risk (of course), the rates of return for even Bitcoin alone quoted by Goldman Sachs investment bank as being “2019’s best-performing asset ever, even after a price downturn”.

The segue to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is not difficult.

There is little information withheld in this industry from an acquisition/ store of value perspective.

So much about the technology, creator teams, roadmaps for developing projects and price action is available to ANYONE with an internet connection...



"The girls are so motivated and there is nothing they won't do to not just help you get your business crypto-compatible, but to market your business and welcome you into the crypto world. We at Pirate88 Freo Radio couldn't be happier, thanks to Abheeti & Sophie, 'crypto' is no longer a scary word. Thanks girls, we love your energy!"

- Elicia Petite  (Managing Director at Community Radio - Pirate 88 Radio)


"I can either issue an invoice with a QR code to my clients, or just take payment on the spot with an internet connection and a smart phone.  Working with the women from WTSWC has been great too - heaps of community events and lots of fun."

- Kieran Mesquita (Blockchain Developer -

"they are enthusiastic and driven by a vision of a better future for businesses and their customers"

"I enjoy interacting with Abheeti and Sophie because they are enthusiastic and driven by a vision of a better future for businesses and their customers where using crypto payments is an accessible option for everyone. They have kindly promoted my business and I love attending their community events.”

- James Irving (Commercial Lawyer - Irving Law)

ideas & Objections

Is Bitcoin a scam?

Bitcoin is a form of digital cash.  Like gold with silver and other precious metals following in its price wake, when Bitcoin goes up or down in market value, so do the other cryptocurrencies.

Isn't that drug money?
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are used by many people, all over the world.  And, like the Australian or the U.S. dollar, it can be used to purchase illegal substances.  It's also used to pay for haircuts and to buy cups of coffee ;-)

Bitcoin and crypto's so volatile, I might lose money.

When your customer chooses to use their cryptocurrency to pay for your goods or services, you receive Australian dollars in your bank account, within minutes.  It gets processed from crypto to dollars behind-the-scenes.

What difference will it make to my business?
It's up to you if you think it's important to be part of the early-adopter movement into this 'money of the future'.  If you think it's a good idea to be riding the wave of technology rather than be dumped by it, then we think it's a good idea  too.  

Does anyone ever use cryptocurrencies to buy stuff?

We're not promising the moon, not even a Lamborghini (you might not get many crypto-customers to start with) but we're fairly confident that there are crypto-tourists the world over, wanting to know where they can spend their cryptocurrencies.  Especially when the market is going up in value, and people have some profit to spend, we tend to see an increase in crypto-spending.

I’ve no clue what Bitcoin and cryptos are, although I’ve heard of them?
It's OK if this is all new to you and sounds like crazy-speak... the internet was like that too only about 25 years ago.  If you're  a little curious to know what this crypto stuff is all about, then we have the perfect community event for you.  Come listen, learn, converse, ask and share.

Bitcoins are backed up by nothing.
Hmmmm. This deserves a complicated answer, and we'll probably write a blog about it, but in the meantime, the short version is:

Neither the Australian nor the U.S. dollar is backed up by anything, yet we have unquestioning faith in cash.  In 1971, Nixon removed the Gold Standard meaning that before that time, you could go and claim the equivalent value of your cash in gold from the bank.  With the removal of the precious metal 'backing up' the dollar, effectively we started to transact in pieces of paper that were no longer "notes" for gold, they became  just "notes".  Now we think nothing of transacting with either random pieces of printed paper known as dollar notes, or numbers on a screen - equally as random and made up by deft online finger strokes.

I just want more income in my business. I don’t care about crypto.
Great! Give your customers more choice in how they can throw their money at you: cash, credit card, crypto!

Bitcoins and crypto are too hard to understand, they're for tech heads, coders and geeks.
They are a bit tricky to get your head around, but guess what?  Just like you don't need to know how what's going on under the hood in order to drive your car, equally, you really don't have to be a coder or genius to work out how to transact in crypto.  Honestly.  


"...has greatly benefitted not only the local, but also the global crypto ecosystem. It has been a pleasure working with them both and I hope we can continue our push to decentralised currencies into the future."

-Hayden Young (Crypto Programmer - Founder & Director at KnowledgeArc)


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In The Media


Cryptocurrency - what's all the hype about?


From geek-speak to street-speak...

Abheeti Kathryn Pass and JP Parker spoke  with Jessica Strutt of Radio ABC 720 'Perth Focus' about cryptocurrencies and how you can spend Bitcoin at local Fremantle businesses.

On Focus with Jessica Strutt

Full Interview

Fremantle Herald


 · by  · in Traders. ·

FREMANTLE as a destination for “international, bitcoin-loving Twitter crowds” is in the sights of locals Abheeti Kathryn Pass and Sophie Amat who want to turn the port city crypto-friendly.



Pirate 88 Radio, fremantle

community radio meets crypto-payments

Tues 16th July 2019  by Pirate 88 Radio 
Sophie and Abheeti spoke at length with Nathan about cryptocurrency, why it's not going away and what the benefits are to shop owners and businesses adopting crypto payments for their customers.


business news wa


6 June 2019 by Matt Mckenzie of Business News WA

A number of Freo businesses have signed on to accept payments in cryptocurrency in the hope the electronic tender will garner broader adoption long-term.

Read More

Fremantle Herald


 · by  · in News. ·

FREMANTLE could become the first “digital city” in the world if cryptocurrency queens Abheeti Kathryn Pass and Sophie Amat get their way.

They’ve been approaching traders in Fremantle about coming aboard and reckon accepting cryptocurrencies could help them beat the retail slump plaguing the port city.


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about us

Co-Founder, Researcher, Blogger, Trainer, Presenter

Sophie is mother, meditator, Buddhist meditation teacher, cryptocurrency & emerging technology passionista, crypto writer, and tri-lingual in French-Indonesian-English speaker after living 6 years in France and 5 in Indonesia.

With an extensive 20 year background in banking & finance, and 15 years a co-Director of a family property investment business, Sophie now enjoys supporting crypto adoption & education for businesses & everyday people. She also enjoys the challenge of raising capital for worthy Western Australia crypto-related projects.

Sophie's co-facilitator of “Way of the Sacred Feminine - Journey of Self & Loving Hearts Leadership” online courses, bringing women together across the world.

Sophie and Abheeti are both speakers - experts in demystifying cryptocurrency for business, education, government, banks: everything!

Co-Founder, Editor, Copywriter, Presenter

Abheeti is mother, traveller, educator, meditator and entrepreneur, bilingual in Italiano-English after living 10 years in Italy... Cooks deliciousness without recipes and renovates properties (including an apartment from the 14th century in the heart of centro storico of Genova).

With a rich background and varied experiences in teaching (from primary to tertiary levels), editing and spear-heading successful businesses, Abheeti’s a master communicator who’s passionate about 'de-teching' high-brow conversations, ensuring that all people from grass-roots and beyond can grasp new concepts - tech-related, money-ideas, or anywhere in between.

Abheeti’s also a speaker, emcees events and moderates panels, as well as organising and marketing events and gatherings.

Abheeti is also an accomplished emcee and moderator, having participated in conferences and events across Australia. 

Crypto is coming... 

join the movement 

(you wanna be ready when the wave hits!)

  • If you’re interested in being listed in our upcoming global directory​​​​
  • If you’re a business and would like to learn how to accept cryptocurrencies 
  • If you're curious and simply want to know more, please enter your details below


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who's behind Where To Shop With Crypto??

How does WTSWC ACTUALLY make money?

How does the payments' system work behind-the-scenes?

Do I have to do a Know Your Customer (KYC) process to use the crypto-to-AUD-cash payments system?

Do we need to buy another dedicated device to operate this system?

How much does the system cost? IS there an ongoing monthly payment?

​Do I receive Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as payment into my bank account?

Can I receive Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies directly as payment for goods and services?

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